Sunday, May 24, 2009

dear god, 4 months already?

alright, so I know I am terrible at updating this thing, but its difficult when internet is so spotty here. I hope people that read this thing havent forgotten I existed, Ive tried to send out a few emails to let you know Im alive and healthy (kind of). I dont have much time to write the usual hilarious, witty, and riveting post (kidding) because the bus for my village leaves in a few minutes, BUT I will hopefully be getting my wireless in 3 weeks or so so that should make communication with the outside world much easier!
Site has been tumultuous, wonderful, awful, scary, and amazing all at the same time. I have survived 5 weeks and it has definitely proved to me far more difficult than I could have predicted. The highs are really high and the lows very low-thats the most succinct way I can describe it. People have been incredibly welcoming, and more and more people know my name (walking around the neighboring villages and having people shout the traditional greeting, "Komera, Emma!" (be strong, Emma!) definitely lifts me when the days are rough and makes the good days even better.) Ive been given more milk in the past 5 weeks than I can shake a stick at (milk in Rwandan culture is a symbol of prosperity and good health) when people invite me into their homes.
Anyway, must run so that I dont have to hitch a ride on a coffee truck like last time I traveled away from site (more details on that debaucle when I have more time to write).